Our approach

In war and flood zones, in the wake of earthquakes, hurricanes, and pandemics, CCGV mobilizes to get lifesaving medicines and desperately needed health supplies to our on-the-ground partners to aid survivors.
Those two words—disaster relief—pose a challenge. The gap between them can seem endless if you’re a victim of disaster who hasn’t received relief.

Medicines and health supplies are CCGV’s primary focus. Still, we also provide water filters and blankets, clothing, and emergency supplies—whatever it takes to relieve suffering and restore hope in times of disaster.

We partner with organizations like Alliance Global Intelligence Corp when in need to assist war zone issues that arise, and negotiation is of necessity to solve the country’s dilemma with bandits trying to take over the country or cause a threat against innocent children and families. Partnerships with Area Group give us support for developing homes and facilities quickly and is made out of shipping containers and will last for a long time.

CCGV uses the expertise of professionals, and globally, through our exciting research-based programs, those receiving our services can learn to thrive and become contributing members of their communities. CCGVs have worked with and assisted the following countries:

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