We offer to partner and work with the State, Federal & City governments globally on the following:

  • Affordable Housing Development
  • Hospice
  • Community Center development
  • Immigrant Safety Centers
  • Recycling (Water Treatments & Garbage Disposable)
  • Military Base development and management

Community Services:

We help entrepreneurs or small business owners with the following:

  • Starting or Expanding Small Businesses in the community
  • Development of Mobile App and Website
  • Job Placement
  • Business Formation (Corporation, LLC or Non-For profit, etc.)
  • Guidance on how to obtain State or Federal Contracts
  • Immigration Services (we are not attorneys) Coming Soon
  • Stab Vest Protection for those who work in correctional facilities, mental wards, or dangerous work fields. 

  • Card Blockers- These cards prevent scammers from using scanners near you from trying to take your Debit & Credit Card Number from being electronically STOLEN.

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